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Nebula Tower is a 175-foot net-zero iconic landmark located in the 14-acre Arena Green Park in the City of San Jose. It is open to both local residents and visitors from around the world. The tower's lattice structure is designed to materialize and dematerialize from day to night, creating an ever-changing dialogue between solid and void. This design, combined with advanced technology integration, allows for artistic expression using the ephemeral mediums of time and light.

The tower's architecture is fully integrated into the densely programmed urban park, providing a diverse set of experiences reflective of the surrounding natural biomes. It reflects the innovative, risk-embracing spirit that has defined Silicon Valley throughout the past century. The full Living Building Challenge framework guides the design, ensuring that the project matches performance targets for net-zero energy efficiency and is a restorative, low-impact development along the riparian corridor.

Nebula Tower redefines contemporary landmarks, acting as a canvas for artistic expression and a framework for civic engagement. The tower's innovative lattice structure doubles as a dynamic three-dimensional framework of programmable light nodes, allowing artists to create immersive multimedia experiences.

Civic engagement is encouraged through a collection of intimate human-scale spaces within the park and tower. Visitors ascend the riparian banks and navigate through plazas, recreation fields, and event lawns before arriving at the sunken auditoriums flanking the entry to the tower. Open circulation draws visitors up, from the ground level gallery, cafe, and retail spaces to intermediary viewing platforms, and culminates at the viewing platform with a sky bar at the tower peak, where visitors can appreciate the vast expanse of San Jose and Silicon Valley.


The Nebula Tower

2nd Place, Urban Confluence Silicon Valley International Competition, 2021


The Studio RE+N team led the development of the project above while collaborating with CO-MILIEU. 衍述设计成员与CO-MILIEU合作开发了上述项目。图片版权由CO-MILIEU所有。

The Nebula Tower


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