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The memorial plaza is a field of linear shoal water where each line is engraved with a name of one of the 304 passengers lost in the Sewol sinking. The lines of water are woven together in an anonymous fashion, but a broader view reveals a strongly directional pattern where each line converges into a single surface. This perception of convergence offers a spatial metaphor for individuality, which we unify into our greatest power through shared beliefs and courage.

As visitors traverse the plaza, they leave behind their footprints, which dry with time. This simple interaction between the space and visitors' bodies imprints the remembrance of the lost and the reflection on the disaster into everyday life. For a moment, memory becomes tangible, and our traces converge into a collective memory embodied through the field of footprints. These memories do not diminish with physical absence but become stronger in our hearts.

The underground architectural spaces are guided by light and water, which flow in from the above memorial plaza. An axis connecting the Danwon High and the location of the Sewol Sinking leads visitors through exhibition space, social memory space, and the commemoration space where the convergence of water falls from above, becoming a "blackboard" of water - a canvas of traces.



Honorable Mention, Non Architecture Award

Studio RE+N team members led the development of the above project while colloborate with CO-MILIEU. Image courtesy of CO-MILIEU.

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