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展览邀请到县级领导和清华同济等高校教授参与主题对谈《多重视角下的老街烟火气——解读和延续方气质的可能路径》主题对谈,为老街的非遗传承、业态更新和下一步的规划更新打下坚实的基础。并获邀参加了国际权威学术组织“Urban Studies Foundation”在9月主办的”Overlooked Cities in Aisa” 国际会议。

The "Being Heard" Old Street Intangible Heritage Image Exhibition took place from August 8th to 22nd, 2023, at the former site of the Songyang County Bank. The exhibition was initiated by Studio RE+N and heritage research scholars. By documenting the daily lives of seven Old Street shopkeepers and inheritors of varying backgrounds, ages, and genders, the exhibition showcased seven concurrent short films that highlighted the everyday nature behind intangible cultural heritage, thereby connecting it with the resonance of the visitors. The exhibition is divided into three sections: "Being Heard" Old Street, "Being Heard" Studio RE+N, and "Being Heard" by Us.

The exhibition invited county-level leaders and professors from prestigious institutions like Tsinghua and Tongji to participate in a thematic discussion titled "Old Street's Ambiance from Multiple Perspectives: Interpreting and Continuing its Unique Character." This discussion laid a solid foundation for the inheritance of the old street's intangible heritage, its business renewal, and its future planning. Additionally, the exhibition was invited to participate in the "Overlooked Cities in Asia" international conference hosted by the authoritative academic organization "Urban Studies Foundation" in September.


Being Heard

IDA Bronze Award 美国国际设计奖铜奖(展览类)


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