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The Dalinggen Village Tea House, located in the organic tea valley scenic area of Songyang County, has transformed an existing signal tower and its adjoining rooms into a tea culture experience center, offering visitors an in-depth immersion into the region's tea culture.

Entering from the southwest, visitors ascend steps leading to the reception house, experiencing a journey where each step reveals a changing vista. The Tea House in Dalinggen Village offers two unique experiential paths. One is an outdoor ramp, where visitors can ascend to enjoy a 360-degree spectacular view of the tea valley, winding past the tower and through lush tea plantations, eventually reaching the rooftop. The other is an indoor route, extending downwards from the main entrance, featuring multifunctional stairs integrated with bookshelves and seating, ideal for tea tastings, cultural performances, and exhibitions. The Tea House also boasts a full-service tea bar, offering a variety of teas and tea-inspired desserts.

The design of the Tea House harmoniously blends with the terraced tea mountain landscape. Utilizing local washed stone and concrete, it complements the natural surroundings. The exterior of the Tea House, with its earthy tones and diffuse reflective metal panels, injects modern elements into the traditional tea house design. The ingenious roof structure conceals mechanical systems such as HVAC, and its curved ceiling cleverly introduces natural light into the interior.

Preserving the original signal tower reduces ecological impact and costs. The Tea House has become a hub for community interaction, hosting educational and cultural activities, thereby enriching the village's social ecology. Functionally versatile, it accommodates various cultural events, from art exhibitions to local performances, educational workshops to community gatherings, deepening appreciation and understanding of the local tea culture.


Dalinggen Village Tea House


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