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Iceland is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, particularly the stunning Myvatn region. To preserve the landscape, the Volcano Museum was constructed within it, taking inspiration from the volcanic craters, hot springs, and lakes with its circular form. The museum's elliptical volume creates a continuous space that seamlessly integrates the interior and exterior. Visitors can explore the surroundings via three ring paths: a tranquil interior gallery, an observation deck on the exterior walkable roof, and a park loop trail featuring large-scale sculptures and site-specific commissions.

The museum's repetitive and visually permeable facade maximizes the connection to the landscape while conserving sunlight. The materials used in the design establish a direct, elemental, and timeless dialogue with the landscape. Meanwhile, the art pieces exhibited in the multi-purpose exhibition hall are displayed in front of the Myvatn landscape.


Iceland Volcano Museum

Architecture Masterprize Winner 美国建筑大师奖(未建成文化类);Silver A' Design Award 意大利A'设计奖银奖


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