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波哥大有着强大的手工艺传统,被广泛称为“砖城”。虽然像¼ Tech这样的创客空间在近年来在城市中不断涌现,但缺乏一种集中材料的地点却阻碍了跨学科创意。

为了解决这个问题,该项目提议在国家博物馆和独立公园之间创建一个手工艺孵化器。这个高度可见的公共机构将对企业家和公众开放,为圣塔菲社区提供开放空间,同时也实现Rogelio Salmona对从MAMBO到国家博物馆的公共走廊的愿景。


Bogota has a strong tradition of craftsmanship and is widely known as the “City of Brick”. While maker spaces like ¼ Tech have been popping up throughout the city in recent years, the lack of a centralized location for materials has hindered interdisciplinary creativity.

To address this issue, the project proposes the creation of a craftsmanship incubator located between the National Museum and Parque de la Independencia. This highly visible public institution will be open to entrepreneurs and the public alike, providing open space for the community of the Santa Fe district while also realizing Rogelio Salmona’s vision for a public corridor from the MAMBO to the National Museum.

The building itself will consist of two thin floor plates suspended on six brick column-like light wells. The intention is to create hollow spaces within the columns that can serve as natural daylighting, ventilation, and structural support for TAMBO’s multidisciplinary workshops. Each light well will reflect the diverse uses of the TAMBO program, including wood, metal, ceramic, textile, and electronic workshops. From the ground floor to upper levels, spaces will be organized from public to private, both visually and physically, through the light wells. The pierced brick walls will filter light and views from the surroundings, softening the transition between exterior and interior.


Light Well

Honorable Mention, Non Architecture Award, 2021


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